Girls Advancing in STEM Volunteer Event Registration

October Event: Informational Interview

Volunteers will be paired with a GAINS student for a video meeting so students can develop informational interview skills

Goal:  Students connect with STEM volunteers so they can practice informational interview skills. 

Format:  Students and their assigned GAINS volunteer connect by video conference (through GAINS Zoom) for one 30 minute meeting over a two-week time frame. Meetings will take place using the GAINS Network Zoom account and will be scheduled during specified windows (see form below)

Volunteer time commitment:  one session that lasts 20-30 minutes during a 10-day period.

Date range of event: October 20 - October 31st.

Date Options: *volunteers may select several date and time options.  We will confirm date and time by October 15th.


Please indicate your job title or if you are an undergraduate, professional or graduate student.

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Please select the subject areas that are closest to your work/interests/studies. *you may select multiple options