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Girls Advancing in STEM role models connect with our student-members through a variety of activities.  Role models can connect directly with student-run clubs through online video conferences or (if possible) in-person meetings and events. Volunteers can also connect with students at multiple GAINS schools through GAINS virtual events - see thematic calendar below.  Our virtual events highlight a subset of GAINS role models and are structured to encourage conversation by using a group discussion format, live video feed or recorded interviews hosted by student members.  Clubs are looking forward to hosting on-site speakers, panel events and small group discussions with local STEM professionals when it is safe to do so. 

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Once you are part of the GAINS community you can opt into our virtual events, respond to student requests through the GAINS platform or join other GAINS events as they are scheduled. There are lots of ways to be involved and we are confident we have events that will fit your schedule.  



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